Year of Discovery (Week 26: Fundamentalism and Enlightenment)

Rainy day in Amsterdam, though beautiful!
  • The importance of cultivating an open mindset (like Galileo who posited that things might not be what we perceive them to be) vs a consciousness that ascribes to: ‘this is how the world works and it’s fixed’.
  • The rise of atheism correlated with the rise of a search for certainty, community and ideology elsewhere (even if more extreme). In a place of fear, we double down on searching for certainty, even in places certainty doesn’t exist.
  • The danger of: “We believe in science” over “We believe in the scientific mindset”, which makes science a ‘fact’ rather than an evolving discovery that allows room for error and experimentation.
  • What part of your lived and daily experience contributes to an enlightened mind?
  • How do you use meditation or other meditative practices to build a more peaceful mind?
  • What is the role of anger in your life? Does it really protect your happiness?



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Audrey Cheng

Audrey Cheng

East Africa-based. Taiwanese American. Curious about human flourishing, creating solutions that enable local ownership and the spiritual path.