Year of Discovery (Weeks 50–54): Wrapping up my YoD

Beautiful walkway in Uganda
  1. It takes time to allow the dust to settle
  • Why do you want this time? Is it to discover? Is it to recharge? Is it to learn how to disentangle your identity from work?
  • What parts of life and learning bring you joy?
  • When do you feel most energized and how do you bring this understanding into how you spend your days?
  • What mindsets or beliefs do you need to actively let go of and what do you need to bring into your time away from full-time work?
  • What support do you need or who do you have to remind you why you are taking this time, especially when you start to doubt yourself?

Direction = clarity of purpose + values (refined by experiments)

When I set my quarterly goals throughout my Year of Discovery, my questioning and experimentation were aimed at refining my personal purpose and values. I learned about many different industries and engaged with stakeholders and people of various backgrounds. In those conversations and in my reading, I was able to tune in and understand what resonated the most with me and why.



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Audrey Cheng

Audrey Cheng

East Africa-based. Taiwanese American. Curious about human flourishing, creating solutions that enable local ownership and the spiritual path.